FHD Group

We got into connectB with a mindset just to understand what they can do differently than what we have been doing all these years. ConnectB has been amazingly helpful equally for us and our clients when it came to sourcing material for the projects we are working on. They connected us directly to the manufactures and the difference in pricing was unbelievable. We saved more than half of what we actually thought of spending in the first place. Our association with them saved almost 100 to 200 /- per sft on the overall cost for our client which is absolutely commendable. Not just us, now all our clients have also started using Connect B’s solutions.


ConnectB helped us grow when we were starting afresh and when the market was brand new for us. It introduced us to some of the best in Bangalore and Hyderabad markets and it still does. They not only have the right connections for you but they also understand the market dynamics well which directly helps a business grow.